We Shree Shakti Engineering is pioneer for manufacture and supplier of Worm wheel shaft in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Our worm Wheel and shaft supplier Shree Shakti Engineering can provide worm wheel shaft with a diameter of 50 mm to 250 mm and length of 76 mm to 915 mm. Worm wheel shafts is made of hardening stainless steel alloys. Our manufacture of worm wheel and shaft is done by machining expertise.

Working of the Worm Wheel gear:-

  • The worm continuously rotates and drives the worm wheel. Worm and small part of worm gear combine as they have sliding contact with each other.
  • Power is always transmitted from worm wheel to wheel .Power cannot be transmitted from one wheel to other this system is called self-locking this application is highly useful for many operation.
  • Speed proportion is controlled by the no of quantity of teeth on worm wheel adapt and the number begins on the worm.


  • Worm wheel drives work quietly and easily
  • They possess less space.
  • They can be utilized for lessening speed and expanding movement.
  • They are self-locking


  • Dam gates
  • Conveyors
  • Lifts
  • Air ports