Shree Shakti Engineering is manufacture and supplier of Rope Drum Hoist Assembly in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The Rope Drum Hoist assembly is appropriate for medium/heavy duty operation and designed according to the IS: 3398. Rope hoist generally consists of wired rope and sheaves or pulley. It have capability to carry bulky objects weighting several tons this rope drum hoist can lift 10 tons. As there are two types of the rope drum hoist manufacturer is available.

  • Single hoist drum
  • Double hoist drum
These both the Rope drum hoist require larger motor functionally to equivalent friction. The both drum is require to carry heavy loads. The motor, gearbox and brakes are an integrated unit for the quality assurance and safety. The rope drum hoist assembly is ground mounted and typically can be used between 5 ropes to carry the load. The Rope hoist where drum sufficiently long to suit the majority of the lift required for that specific set. The drum is rolled so that the lift lines warp neatly with single layer to stay from harm to the wire rope. The rope hoist drum is highly arranged vertical layer is highly depended according to the client requirement. Rope Drum hoist is used for lifting and moving the loads Gates from one place to another.

Advantages Of Rope Drum Hoist

  • Utilize this product to lift heavy weight guarantee that the weight materials is lifted effortlessly. Manual efforts need not be put in order to lift the materials.
  • Using Rope hoist drum with a specific end goal to lift the substantial materials in sheltered and sound. There is a fewer chance of accident in the premise by the use of this mechanism.
  • Using this product can also help in sparing time manual lifting of heavy weight may consume more time as well.
  • Using the Rope drum hoist in order of heavy weights may ensure that the goods and materials remains safe and secure from the damage during the lifting
  • The machine can be carrying any type of the weight with easy a manner.
  • The price of the rope drum hoist is less as compared to the lifting capabilities of other type mechanisms.


  • For the safeguard operation engine brake is connected electrically
  • Circuits work independently for security and switches are accurate end of travels protections.
  • Less maintenance is required.