Founded in 1982. Shree Shakti Engineering specializes in dam construction and repair, hydroelectric diversion, storage earth structure of all sizes. Shree Shakti Engineering manufacture, supplier and repairing hydraulic cylinder for earth moving, Road construction machinery, cement plants etc. in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Shree Shakti Engineering which works on each and every part of the dams below the waterline. Shree Shakti Engineering has years of Experience and equipment to work in a variety of water construction, elevated work station and more. Shree Shakti Engineering has most focus on dam work we have made a primary focus on a dedicated crew, specialized equipment and a robust safety programs. Company major supplier equipment’s like Rope Drum Hoist Manufacturer, Rope Pulley Supplier, Trunnion Hub Bush, Stainless steel shaft, aluminium bronze bushes and much more.

For over 35 years Shree Shakti engineering worked closely with clients and engineering firms through a high level of integrity and professionalism. Our approach is to work an extraordinary amount of transparency throughout the project and operations and collaborative environment for all clients.

We not only focus on safety, quality and efficiency what thing we do in our company we can best possible place to work for our employees also. We can say that “Employees is one key to success”

Our Global Market

Dame Gate Manufacturer in Philippines
Eot Crane Supplier in Australia
EOT Crane Manufacturer in China
Vertical Dam Gate Supplier in Iran
Vertical Gate Manufacturer in Brazil
Crane Hoist Supplier in Saudi Arabia
Gantry Crane in Russia
Crane Hoist Exporter in Japan
Gantry Crane Supplier in UK
Eot Crane Manufacturer in Germany
Dam Gate Exporter in USA
Rope Drum Hoist Manufacturer in Kenya
Rope Drum Hoist in Pakistan