Shree Shakti Engineering is manufacture and supplier of self Lubricating bushes in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Shree Shakti Engineering has a variety of lubricants materials and configuration to create the proper solution for your application. Shree Shakti is a complete line of self lubricating bushes products specializing in all custom bearing. These alloys include Aluminum, Manganese and bronze this is available for the list of alloys. Shree Shakti Engineering manufactures the Lubricating bushes under dry high temperature, high pressure, water or another chemical environment. This self lubricating bush is manufacture by using latest technology and manufacture according to the client requirement. This self-lubricating Bush is press with multiple holes which are plugged with the solid graphite. When there is no oil is presented. It is generally utilized as a part of a car, water building, and vertical dam gate etc. much more.


  • Agricultural Equipment
  • Pumps and motors
  • Textile machinery
  • Aerospace
  • Construction equipment
  • Water building
  • Dam gate


  • No working expensive of self-lubricating bushes
  • Simple design and easy to install
  • No need of waste of oil treatment in favor of environmental protection
  • No maintenance cost.
  • Cost –effective
  • No oil required: – There is no requirement of the oil or grease. The oil or grease element enable heading to be utilized where oiling is troublesome, costly where it can’t be utilized.
  • Cost competitive: – Cost decrease because of the maintenance, replacement cost reduced due to the exceptional service life compared to similar self –lubricating products.
  • Erosion and chemical resistance:- Execution is not influenced by water or other acidic chemical
  • Operating temperature range: – You can operate under high and low-temperature condition.
  • Incredible wear resistance: – The quality is maintaining working condition such as heavy load, low speed, reacting to swaying and irregular movement where the development of oil is troublesome.