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Founded in 1982. Shree Shakti Engineering specializes in dam construction and repair, hydroelectric diversion, and storage of earth structures of all sizes. Shree Shakti Engineering manufactures, supplies, and repairs hydraulic cylinders for earthmoving, road construction machinery, cement plants, etc. in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.  Shree Shakti Engineering works on every part of the dams below the waterline. Shree Shakti Engineering has years of experience and equipment to work in a variety of water construction, elevated workstations, and more.

Shree Shakti Engineering has the most focus on dam work; we have made our primary focus on dedicated crew, specialized equipment, and robust safety programs. Company major supplier equipment like Rope drums, Rope pulleys, hubs, Stainless steel shaft, Aluminum Bronze bushes, and much more. For over 35 years Shree Shakti engineering worked closely with clients and engineering firms through high level of integrity and professionalism.

Our approach is to work extraordinary amount of transparency throughout the project and operations and collaborative environment for all clients. We not only focus on safety, quality and efficiency what thing we do in our company we can best possible place to work for our employees also. We can say that “Employees is one key for success”.

The Different types of Dam Gate

Eot Crane Supplier


To be the best leading company in design, Engineering, construction and project management organization by achieving extraordinary result for our clients.

Eot Crane


We have expanded our market presence to become one of the most recognized companies in Engineering and construction. We are one most trust worthy provider by our clients of these professional services by doing continuously doing hard work and bringing the highest value to each relationship that is developed.

Eot Crane Manufacturer


High quality work is delivered at all our sites. As we are analyze work before starting finding opportunities to deliver better project to all our clients. We reflect on quality of work because good quality of work will give opportunities for further work.

Core Values of Dam Gate

Helical Gear In India


We work in a safety manner we pre-plan all feature of work with respect to the safety.

Helical Gear Manufacturer


We work in such a manner that will be efficiency to the client and employee. Each and every day we will analyze the work in order to find efficient means to achieve a safe and high quality of work product.

Trunnion Assembly


We understand that for successful Company are highly depend on Good Team. Each person in the company serves their own function and is a key component for success.

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From the Massive Gate substitution and repair is not just a testing development extended. Shree Shakti Engineering approach to plan and work the plans that ensure a high quality Gate manufacture. AT Shree Shakti Engineering specialize in installing, removing and even restoring gates of all type as well as used equipment that are used in it. The main aim is not gate to small in size or big size no project is too big or too small our approach to planning the work that ensure high quality stand-in.

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