Shree Shakti Engineering manufacture and supplier of different Gear to suit the preference of the clients. With the help of the expert team we are involved in offering to clients Gear with uttermost quality and with latest advanced technology. These gears are used in heavy industry, dam gates etc. and much more. These gears are manufacture with stainless steel alloys according to the client requirement.

What is Gear:- A Gear or Cog wheel is pivoting machine the part having cut teeth or gear teeth which work with another toothed part to transmit torque. Gear quite often delivers an adjustment in torque making a mechanical favorable position through there ration.

This gear can be comprehensively ordered by taking at the position of axes for example parallel shaft, intersecting shafts etc.

Specification Of Gear

The specification of the Gear is highly depend upon the like :

  • Gear with teeth not parallel to the gear axis is subject to left right and handedness the direction of the teeth curve is important.
  • Each and every gearing requires lubrication to reduce friction and the help to extend the services of the gear specialty lubricants are made with high pressure design.

Different Types Gears

Shree Shakti Engineering manufacture and supplier various types of gears like