Shree Shakti Engineering manufacture and supplier of premium range of the Helical Gear in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The Helical gear is manufacture with high performance and hassle free functioning. These are manufacture by using latest advanced technology and high quality raw materials. The specially designed the teeth provided on the helical gear is set an angle to trigger action according to the client requirement.

One interesting thing about helical gears manufacturer by Shree Shakti Engineering is the angles of the gear teeth are correct they can be mounted on perpendicular shaft and adjusting the rotation angle is 90 degree.

What is Helical Gear:- Helical Gear means where the teeth of helical Gear are not parallel to the apparatus pivot they are set at a point. Since the surface over which the teeth are made is cylindrical and the teeth shape of helix.

The helical gear operates much more smoothly and quietly than other gears. So for this the Helical Gear is highly used in the Car transmission. The typical range of the helical gear rotates is about 15 to 39 degree.


  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Long life
  • Less noise

Advantages Of Helical Gear

Quiet Operation

In the Helical gear prepare the teeth draw in a little at any given moment as opposed to the whole face at once. These causes less loud power move if there should arise a helical gear.



For the same tooth estimate and proportional width helical gear can deal with more loads that other because helical gear tooth is successfully bigger since it is corner to corner situated.

Non Parallel Shaft

Helical Gears can be utilized for exchanging power between non-parallel shafts and you can do the changes on efficiency in this case.