Shree Shakti Engineering manufacture and supplier of large Gear coupling in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Shree Shakti Engineering offers a wide range of standard and customized Gear coupling product. Shree Shakti Engineering covers a wide range of coupling size, types and capacity used in much application. Gear coupling exporter by using high quality standard steel with latest advanced technology. Large Gear coupling very high torque application including power plants, mining cements, steel and metal mills, paper, rubber and other large industrial plants.

What is Large Gear Coupling: – A large Gear Coupling is a mechanical Gadget for transmitting torque between two shafts that are not collinear. It comprises of an adaptable joint settled to each pole. The two joints are associated with the third shaft called the spindle. Each joint consists of equal ratio internal and external large gear coupling pair.

gear coupling manufacturer, Aluminium Bronze Bush

Construction of Gear Coupling

  • The Gear coupling manufacturer comprises of a fashioned sleeve with inner teeth cut on its inside. The manufacturing sleeves are ordinarily have two different parts having inside gear in
  • Two center points with outer teeth containing a same number of teeth inside the gear is available with every one being mounted on the driven and driver shaft respectively.
  • The Tooth profile of the outer teeth is typically delegated with a specific end to take up more loads.
  • The whole Gear coupling gathering is typically enclosed and furnished with the gaskets at the joints and the O rings at the vantage points indicate are kept all together to keep the spillage of the grease filled inside the couplings.
  • Oil attachments are providing at a point in order to grease up the coupling during predetermined intervals of time.


  • Require high power to weight proportion
  • Larger Capacities
  • Crown Gear teeth for longer life
  • Heat is applied according to the application
  • Compatibility
  • Least downtime
  • Generally used up to 120 C
  • Interchangeability and low maintenance cost

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